Terms & Conditions

Aims and Objectives

1.To promote and encourage efforts to improve the management and conservation of our wild deer population and its habitat.

2. To Defend, Advocate and represent the sport of Deer Stalking.

3. To provide information for Deerstalkers with a view to attaining high standards of sportsmanship and safety.

4. To cooperate and liaise with other sporting bodies in matters of common interest.

5. To support efforts to protect field sports and its traditions. We welcome, as members, all who have interest in any of the above aims and objectives, or anyone who would simply like to know more about deer. Our members are only too willing to share their knowledge, interest and experience with new members.

Rules and Conditions of Membership

1. The membership shall commence from the close of the Annual General meeting until the closing of the next Annual General meeting

2. Members shall pay an annual subscription, the amount of which shall be decided at the AGM.

3. Members may be required to hold a certificate of competence in Deer stalking.

4. Members may be required to hold third party insurance cover for the membership year.

5. Applicants for membership must apply in writing or online to the Hon. Secretary, and be proposed and seconded at a committee or general meeting, and if a majority of those present so agree, admission will be granted.

6. Membership may be terminated if a member is found guilty of a serious offence against the law of the land or is found to have contravened the rules of the Association or acts in any way, which is prejudicial to the aims or interests of the Association.

7. Termination of membership is to be advised in writing to the party or parties concerned within one week of the decision being made, and he/shemay appeal against the decision in writing. Such an appeal must reach the Hon. Secretary within 15 days of the issue of notice of Termination of membership. The appeal shall be heard within one week of receipt of the appellant’s letter. Appellant may appear in person at the appeal hearing and may be accompanied by another member of the General body. The appellant will be advised by letter, of the result of the appeal hearing within seven days of the hearing appeal.

8. The Association reserves the right to refuse membership to an applicant and not to explain its reason for doing so.

9. Applicants for Membership of the Association may be subject to a probationary period of one year and on the expiry of this period membership may or may not be renewed.

10.Membership will lapse at the close of the AGM if the annual fee is not paid within 3 months following the date of the Annual general meeting, and will not be restored until the appropriate fee is paid. If the fee is not paid within the membership year, an application for membership as outlined in paragraph’s (2/5) will have to be made.

11.Members must not gain financially from any activities of the Association, except for the receipt of legitimate expenses, which have been approved by the committee.

12.Members must not presume to speak on, or publish, or issue any material on behalf of the Association unless approval for such action has been received from the committee. If a situation should arise where time does not allow the committee to grant such approval, the  chairperson shall decide whether to give approval or not. He/she shall acquaint the committee of his action at its next meeting.